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Auto Repair Software - What Is It and Why Should I Use It?

Updated: Oct 28, 2021

Running an auto repair shop takes a lot of effort and time. Then there’s auto repair shop management software that helps auto repair shop owners and managers run their business more efficiently. Sounds simple, right? AutoLeap is an auto repair shop management software.

But what exactly does an auto repair shop software do, why should you use it, and how can you get started? Read on to learn all about it.

What Is Auto Repair Shop Software?

Auto repair shop management software is a technology that automates the daily operations of an auto repair shop. This powerful tool offers a lot of other helpful features as well that strengthen customer relationships, increase your shop’s profit margin, and help you set up your employees’ schedules easily.

Auto repair software is ultimately the powerful tool in your box that increases the car count and average repair order in your shop.

What Are the Most Common Features of Auto Repair Shop Software?

Some of the most common and useful features of the auto repair shop management software include:

  • Pre-Scheduling & Bay Management: Manage bays, assign technicians, set estimated service time for vehicles; view your shop’s schedule by day, week, or month in a single glance. If you opt for a mobile app solution, your repair technicians can see their schedules and repair jobs ahead of time.

  • Inventory Management & Parts Ordering: Store and manage your inventory, parts shortages, and abundances, connect your vendor catalogs and set up triggers and reminders for automated parts ordering.

  • Digital Invoices & Estimates: Create branded and customized print or digital invoices and provide useful repair estimates with parts used, time is taken, and other revenue indicators.

  • Automated Appointments & Service Reminders: Keeps all the details of the customer and vehicle service history so your mechanics are always ready for every ticket. Allow your customers to pre-schedule their service appointments online. Most auto repair shop management software provides automated service reminders via email or text messages.

Why Should I Use Auto Repair Shop Software?

  • With detailed work orders, automated scheduling, customer service history, and improved customer communication, you'll save time across the board and improve employee productivity.

  • With automated customer service reminders, you can reduce the number of missed appointments. A quick reminder text to a customer could lead to more revenue and less wasted labor hours.

  • Automotive repair shop management software can track your business's performance by giving you access to useful reports, analytics, and vital performance indicators that can increase revenue. The system can monitor, analyze, and report on anything that's happening in your business. See the data in real-time and use it to learn where you can boost revenue.

  • You'll have a dashboard that keeps you up-to-date on how your shop is doing, including parts status, job statuses, work schedules, and customer information all in one place.

  • A paperless shop management system is powerful and flexible (because it's digital), and it provides peace of mind because your documents are guarded by encryption and other security tools. No more duplicate data entry; no more disorganized files; no more hastily-written notes.

  • When you use auto repair shop management software, it makes it easier to manage your inventory. You can easily set up conditions so that the software will automatically order parts from your preferred suppliers/vendors when the stock on hand drops to a specified level.

  • A comprehensive auto repair shop management software solution will give you a competitive edge. Don't get left behind by your competitors who have already upgraded to a modern, comprehensive, and affordable auto repair shop software that makes their business more efficient.

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